About us

We are an interdisciplinary team of scientists whose aim is to create new microfluidic solutions and apply them in chemistry, biochemistry, microbiology and nanotechnology. At the core of our scientific interests is basic research in the field of soft matter, materials and surface phenomena, as well as a wide range of applications of physics in the fields of chemistry and biology.

Applied research projects are another major focus. We have developed a number of patented solutions and we took part in creating first spin-off companies of IPC PAS: Scope Fluidics, Curiosity Diagnostics and Bacteromic which are engaged in innovative projects in the field of medical diagnostics and healthcare.

Currently „Microfluidics and Complex Fluids” Team focuses on the following research areas:

  • Application of microfluidic techniques in studying the effect of antibiotics on the heterogeneity of the bacterial population
  • Investigation into the influence of the extracellular environment and interactions between bacteria in antimicrobial resistance
  • Synthesis of new biocompatible, fluorinated surfactants for applications in microbiological research
  • Development of surface modification methods of polymers used in the construction of microfluidic systems to give them the desired properties
  • Development of a microfluidic device with integrated optical tweezers for the diagnosis of leukemia
  • Development of optical and analytical methods for detection of biological and chemical reactions in droplets in high-sensitivity and high-throughput assays